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This car doesn't even exist but there are people ordering it!

The five-door Suzuki Jimny isn't officially confirmed, but Aussie customers are already placing orders.

The long-anticipated but still not-yet-officially-confirmed Suzuki Jimny five-door 4x4 is proving to be so popular an idea with Australian new car customers that some are already putting money down for it.

The current JB74 Suzuki Jimny has become quite the cult icon in its latest iteration, but with a severely compromised three-door body, the current little Japanese SUV isn’t meeting every customer’s needs.

But if rumours are to be believed, Suzuki will launch a five-door Jimny internationally in the coming months or years, and there is already an appetite for a larger, more family-friendly and practical version of the compact 4WD.

Thirty customers - yes, 30 - have ordered the five-door Jimny despite the fact there is no official word that such a model will be built, nor that it will be sold here.

The tell-tale element here though, is that if dealers are willing to take orders, then reading between the lines, it’s going to happen.

Michael Pachota, general manager of Suzuki Australia, couldn’t confirm if the car will be built, or whether it will be sold here, but he did state that Australian consumers have indicated that they would be interested in ordering one, if it were to be built, and to come here.

It seems Suzuki Jimny customers aren’t worried they may have to wait months, if not years, for such a model to arrive - the existing three-door Jimny has already attracted wait times in excess of 12 months over the time it has been on sale. Today those waits are said to be closer to six months.