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The world's toughest electric vehicle? New Ineos EV to target Toyota LandCruiser and Ford Everest with 400km driving range and "extreme off-road capability"

Ineos is working on an electric SUV it promises will be tough as nails

Ineos has confirmed its first electric vehicle will be an off-road-ready SUV that will travel 400km between charges and be every bit as capable as its ICE-powered siblings.

Speaking at the unveiling of the Grenadier Quartermaster – a Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series-rivalling double-cab ute – Ineos CEO Lynn Calder told media the new model would arrive in 2026, with development well underway.

Unlike the Grenadier and Quartermaster, the EV won't be a ladder-frame build, and will instead ride on a new skateboard architecture. But the company promises it won't impact capability, saying it will still have "off-road DNA".

"Actually we're quite well into the development of that vehicle. It's coming in 2026. So we're getting on for two years into the development of it," Calder says.

"We're targeting 400 kilometres of range. It's going to be a skateboard sort of framework."

If those promises hold up, then it could be among the world's toughest electric vehicles, with the new and smaller SUV prioritising capability.

"We will invest in a portfolio of products and the powertrains they need. The all-new battery electric off-road vehicle is not a Grenadier. It will be a completely distinct car, and a little bit smaller maybe," Calder.

"However the DNA of that real off-road capability, extreme off-road capability, will be evident in the news vehicle as well."

The company executive also told CarsGuide the Ineos lineup would grow to four vehicles (with the Grenadier and Quartermaster classed as a single vehicle), and would also likely include a one-tonne ute.

"(We) really strongly believe that we need (a one-tonne ute) to be competitive, so it's on the long list of things for us to do, and to look at," Calder said.