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The electric Ford Mustang is here to eat your V8 for breakfast

Ford and Webasto have ripped the covers off a fully electric version of the Mustang muscle car, and it's ready and waiting to drown out any lingering doubts around electric performance vehicles.

The one-off 'Stang, dubbed Lithium, is an absolute beast, producing a massive 671kW and 1355Nm of torque. And that's a lot.

To put that into perspective, the most powerful full production Mustang currently on sale in Australia - the Bullitt - squeezes 345kW and 556Nm from its 5.0-litre V8 engine. 

So yes, that's a lot of power. But hold onto your hats, because the Lithium gets even cooler from here. Helping channel that huge wave of power is a six-speed manual transmission, amazingly the only gearbox offered, which feeds it onto a set of 20-inch alloys wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport rubber. 

Because unlocking that torque in one fat lump would likely shred those tyres into oblivion, you can choose Sport, Track or Beast modes, with each accessing more of the Lithium's grunt. It's also fitted with Ford's Track Handling Pack, and you get big Brembt brakes to help pull you to a stop, as well as a Super 8.8 Torsen differential to help chew on that power.

Like the Porsche Taycan, the Lithium is built using an 800-volt architecture, and a Phi-Power electric motor provides the power. 

The Lithium might be a one-off for now, but make not mistake, an electric Ford Mustang is coming. It's a matter of when, not if. 

“Ford has made no secret of the fact that we are electrifying our most popular nameplates,” says Ford' product development chief, Hau Thai-Tang.

“This one-off Mustang prototype is a great opportunity for us, together with Webasto, to showcase to our customers what a new electrified powertrains can do for performance in a car they already know and love.”