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Tesla who? Volkswagen says outselling the Model Y and Model 3 in Australia with ID.4 and ID.5 is "an inevitability"

Volkswagen vows to outsell Tesla.

Volkswagen says it will have the best-selling EVs in Australia when the ID.4 and ID.5 arrive, saying it will "100 per cent" outsell its rivals – including Tesla – in our market.

Tesla is by far the best-selling electric vehicle maker in Australia, a crown it held with only the Model 3 on sale. And with wait times for the Model Y already blowing out to a year in less than a week on sale, it seems the brand's high-riding model will add significantly to that tally.

But is Volkswagen concerned about Tesla's head start? Not for a moment. The German giant says it's only a matter of time until its ID. range of EVs arrives in Australia, and when they do, the brand "expects to be leaders in the EV space" with a starting market share of 20 per cent.

Asked whether that means VW's EVs would outsell Tesla in Australia, the brand replied, "it's an inevitability".

Already launched in Europe late last year, the VW ID.4 is a rear-wheel driven SUV with a single electric motor, producing up to 150kW and 310Nm, and with battery capacities of 45kWh, 52kWh or 77kWh, depending on grade. Driving range is pegged at between 330km and 522km before needing a recharge.

The VW ID.5 serves up more coupe styling, is available with the same 77kWh battery, and will deliver a maximum driving range in excess of 500kms. Like its sibling, it is set-up for 135kW DC fast charging, which the brand says will add 100km in driving range in just seven minutes.

Both will then be joined by the VW ID.3 – a Golf-sized EV that will act as the entry point to Volkswagen's EV family.

The big question is when? Volkswagen Australia says its targeting a launch in the latter part of 2023, provided it can secure the earlier production slot it's currently pushing for.

"They are approved for Australia, production is due for the later part of next year. The ambition is to bring that start of production forward so they're on sale here next year," says VGA's general manager of corporate communications, Paul Pottinger.

"That is what the brand is working on at the moment. By no means are we saying that's going to happen, but that's what we're driving towards."