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Tesla to roll out a fleet of Model X and S mobile service vehicles

The brand's soon-to-be in-house roaming service fleet will be bookable in-car.

Tesla has announced that it will expand servicing capacity by 30 per cent globally, partly by rolling out a fleet of mobile Tesla service vehicles.

Speaking with the Australian media in Sydney today, the company explained the move is being driven by existing customer perception. It seems that some owners find the use of a combustion-engined fleet (comprised of Mercedes-Benz vans and others) is at odds with Tesla's electric image. The new plan involves X- and S-based models that will be modified to become service vehicles and rolled out globally.

It’s part of a drive to enable more servicing to be done on-the-go, as the company claims over 80 per cent of maintenence tasks can be completed via software updates remotely or without the need to lift the vehicle onto a hoist. Tesla also notes that the roaming service will be able to be booked remotely from the in-car touchscreen system. The service vehicles could be seen rolling around Australia as early as the end of the year.

Model Xs could soon have the rear seats stripped out and replaced with service racks van-style. Model Xs could soon have the rear seats stripped out and replaced with service racks van-style.

The EV brand also plans to increase service capacity by 30 per cent accross the world to account for the expansion of the brand and the upcoming release of the Model 3.

It’s a surprising move in the face of the just-leaked 9 per cent slash to the company’s global workforce, although representatives today were unable to confirm how, if at all, this will affect Tesla’s Australian operation.

The brand’s Sydney presence will expand from the current shopfront in Martin Place and St.Leonards retail/service centre to include a new delivery outlet in Alexandria in preparation for the Model 3. There will also be a new battery repair facility in South Australia to support existing and future customers.

Tesla representatives were still unable to confirm exact timing for the first Australian Model 3 deliveries, but expect right-hand-drive production to begin mid-2019. Meanwhile, the second-generation Roadster and yet-to-be revealed Model Y SUV are still very much in the 2020 and beyond category for Australia.

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