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Tesla says Model S fire caught on film was caused by a battery module

The parked Model S catching fire quickly spread across the internet

A Tesla investigation into why a Model S parked in Shanghai was suddenly engulfed by flames is now complete, with the brand saying a single battery module was to blame. 

The footage of the Model S catching fire stormed the internet, with the EV maker immediately dispatching a team to investigate the incident.

That investigation is now complete, with Tesla identifying a battery module as the cause of the incident, and saying it has deployed over-the-air updates for its Model S and Model X to ensure the batteries are better protected in the future.

International news service Reuters is reporting that the company's investigation included analysis of the battery, vehicle software and that car's history. 

According to a company statement reportedly posted to Chinese social media network Weibo, the company could find no defect, other than a single battery module positioned towards the nose of the Model S.

Panasonic provides Tesla with battery cells, but a module is a group of those cells linked together.

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