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Tesla Model 3 joins police force

A US police force has added a Tesla Model 3 to its fleet.

Police in America will be able to sneak up on criminals thanks to the new addition to their fleet - a Tesla Model 3.

The law enforcement in Bargersville, Indiana has added what is believed to be the first of its kind. While other police departments around the world have already got Model S patrolling the streets, this is the first Model 3.

Interestingly, the police department say they purchased the Model 3 instead of a Dodge Charger  because it will save taxpayers money. According to the department while the Tesla has a higher initial purchase price than the Charger, it will have significantly lower running costs than the V8 Dodge because it will save more than $11,000 per year on fuel alone. Over the six year life of the car the police claim it will save them more than $38,000.

That's why this new addition is the first of several, with Bargersville's boys in blue planning on adding four more Model 3 to its patrol fleet in the next few years at the expense of the Dodge Charger.

Officer Jeremey Roll told local television crews the Tesla would also help in the line of duty, thanks to its quiet electric motor.

"Especially night time the sound of the cars, when we're trying to come up on something more discreetly than in the day time, it will help out with that. We have a lot of back alleys in the old town."

Police forces in California, Colorado and Luxembourg already use Model S on their fleets.