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Subaru Cross Sport a BRZ shooting brake

The Cross Sport concept looks like Subaru has morphed their rear-wheel drive BRZ sports hero into a sharp sports wagon.

Subaru debuted several cars at Tokyo and Los Angeles motor shows this week -- including their all-new hot hatch WRX -- with volumes of information to accompany them. Or at least, most of them. Ironically, the car about which we're most curious was unveiled with close to no information being revealed.

The Cross Sport Concept on their Tokyo stand looks like they've morphed their rear-wheel drive BRZ sports hero into a sharp sports wagon or shooting brake version. The higher-riding body's nose looks distinctly BRZ, but it flows back into a sleek roofline with sharply raked rear two-piece decklid under which is a wood-lined luggage floor.

Subaru has said close to zilch about the Cross Sport except that it is a "combination of sport and utility" that measures 430cm (up 6cm on the BRZ). Oh, and that they view it as "the next trend in urban SUVs". Comment from the unveiling is that it weighs in at 1250kg (the auto BRZ is 1238kg) and is riding on the BRZ's rear-wheel drive platform.

That last part of the two-paragraph official information suggests that we're looking at a pointer to a future shooting brake-like model: a handsome, sporty three-door elongated hatch aimed at urban streets and likely to carry at least the choice of having a single driven axle rather than only Subaru's all-wheel drive system.

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