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SsangYong Australia releases capped price servicing details

SsangYong Australia has released local capped-price servicing for its SUV line-up, ranging from $290 to $375 for each service.

SsangYong Australia has announced its new capped price service menu for all of its models on sale locally.

Each of the brand's models are due for servicing once yearly or every 15,000km (whichever comes first), the brand’s capped-price arrangement lasts for seven years or 105,000km. Unlike some other manufacturers that only offer capped-price servicing for three years, SsangYong customers are covered for their car's warranty period.

Pricing ranges from $290 per service for the Tivoli petrol to $375 for the Musso, and the same figure applies for every service for the duration of the capped-price coverage. This means consumers know how much each service will cost each year.

Standard Tivoli service pricing costs $290 per year, while Tivoli XLV service pricing is $322 per service and the Tivoli diesel is $322. Larger models in the SsangYong range such as the Rexton petrol cost $335 per service, while both the Rexton diesel and Musso come in at $375 per service.

SsangYong’s service pricing sits well within each competitor set. Servicing the Tivoli costs $290 per service, which is more than the Toyota C-HR - $185 per service over five years - but less than the Mazda CX-3, which has 10,000km intervals and costs a minimum of $305 per year (though some services cost $362).

Servicing the slightly larger Tivoli XLV costs $332 per year, which is less than the Nissan Qashqai’s $357 yearly average - though the Qashqai features only 10,000km service intervals, which is inferior to the SsangYong’s 15,000km intervals. Like the CX-3, the Qashqai will require an extra two services to get to the same 60,000km figure as the SsangYong.

While the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport’s yearly average cost over its capped price arrangement is less money at $299, its capped price arrangement only lasts for three years or 45,000km, which is less than half of the SsangYong Rexton’s $375 service seven-year arrangement. The Ford Everest uses the same 15,000km/yearly intervals as the SsangYong, though costs more to maintain at an average of $445 per year.

The Triton and Musso cost the same to service as their SUV siblings, thanks to shared drivetrains with the Pajero Sport and Rexton respectively.

As with most capped-price plans, the servicing includes some consumables, but not everything your vehicle may need - it is best considered a basic idea of what the car will cost to maintain.

For instance, on a Musso there are recommended extras such as brake fluid changes (every 24 months - $97.85), fuel filter replacement (every 24 months or 30,000km - $141.02), engine coolant replacement (every 60 months or 200,000km - $261.37) and automatic transmission fluid replacement (every 36 months or 45,000km - $577.10). The SsangYong Australia website details all extraneous costs in detail.

The adoption of seven years' capped price servicing means that - along with the seven-year warranty and seven years' roadside assistance - SsangYong offers some of the best ownership credentials in the Australian new car market.

Is SsangYong’s service pricing keen enough to get you to consider one? Let us know in the comments below.