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Spy Shot Porsche 911 998

As always, the design of the new 911 will be evolutionary.

The 911 goes all-new again in 2011.  The latest series of Carparazzi pictures show the upcoming 998 as both a coupe and cabrio.  The look is longer and more aerodynamic, although Porsche is playing with wheels and even fake stick-on air vents ahead of the rear wheels.

"We are able to evolve the design. That is pretty rare," Michael Baumann of Porsche tells Carsguide.  He is giving nothing specific away, but confirms the new 911 timing sometime next year.

Baumann also says the next-generation Cayman and Boxster, which will follow quickly behind the 911, can stand to be "more radical" in their design than anything the company will risk with its hero.

The Carparazzi pictures are definitely not the 911 Turbo, although the smooth look is reminiscent of today's Turbo. And the fake wing fitted to some prototypes is gone.

Carparazzi says the other fakery on 998 prototypes includes the rear lamps, which are temporary.  But the nose is newer and points to more-upright headlamps, the side mirrors have definitely migrated back to the doors - to improve drag and visibility - and the engine cover has a new type of cooling with a series of large vents.