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Spirit of Ecstasy lights up

For approximately $10,000 The Spirit of Ecstasy can now light up.

The Spirit of Ecstasy which sits as the guiding light on the front of every Rolls-Royce Phantom can now also be lit for night-time impact.

The illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy began as a motor show tease and was fitted to the front of the Rolls-Royce 101EX, a concept car which was first seen at the Geneva motor show in 2006.

The idea was supposed to start and finish there. But Rolls-Royce has some very persuasive customers with giant cheque books and so the spotlight was shifted to the mascot, with the company's 'bespoke' division swinging into action.

The result is a very special mascot made, instead of steel, from an innovative polycarbonate material called Makrolon. This gives a frosted-glass effect but, more importantly, allows the light source to be piped up into the Ecstasy mascot.

The system uses a pair of tiny LED bulbs in the base of the figurine which are activated when the Phantom's owner triggers the welcome lighting system which also turns on the headlamps.

But this special light show does not come cheaply - it's close to $10,000 - and only 24 have been fitted so far.

None have made it to Australia yet, but that could change easily if Rolls-Royce decides to shine the light on the upcoming Ghost, a model that will at least double production and sales of the historic British brand.