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Skoda spreads dealer network

Skoda is no longer an unknown brand Down Under.

So confident that the new car market will bounce back, Skoda is positioning itself for the return to normal business by adding another six dealers to its national network before the end of the year.

Skoda Australia boss Matthew Wiesner says Skoda is no longer the brand no one knows, with dealers attracting increased inquiries which resulted in a growing order bank.

"We are confident about the market and we are well positioned to gain a bigger foothold. Being part of the VW group has helped; customers are following what we are doing and we are starting to see the order bank grow," Wiesner said. `It's pleasing to see a vote of confidence in the brand."

Skoda will expand its national footprint of 20 metropolitan dealers by adding another six in Melbourne, Sydney, Albury, Hobart, Launceston and in Queensland.

The Czech brand, one of the oldest in the world and part of the giant VW empire, was relaunched in Australia 18 months ago.

Skoda, coming off a low volume, is one of only four car brands to increase sales this year along with Audi, Hyundai and Jaguar. Up to the end of the last month, Skoda's sales were up 12.7 per cent over the same period last year.

Skoda already sells its Octavia and its more potent brother the Octavia RS, as well as the Roomster lifestyle hatch.

They will be joined by the new prestige flagship the Superb in June, the all-wheel drive Scout wagon in October while a new RS Octavia is due in September.

In the wings may come the Yeti, an all-wheel drive wagon based on the VW Tiguan, and the Fabia, a light Polo-sized hatch, both of which Skoda Australia is developing a business case for their inclusion.