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Show stopper Nissan Foria

The Foria is a compact 2x2 coupe. The front-engine, rear-drive layout allows an exceptionally short front overhang, with a long bonnet and a compact cabin.

These styling features, together with the neatly styled rear and 18-inch wheels positioned at the four corners, result in a car that is not only a serious piece of eye candy, but also capable of delivering crisp dynamic performance.

Powered by an unspecified midsized engine and backed by a paddleshifted automatic transmission, the powertrain promises agility and sportsoriented driving. Four-wheel Active Steer (FWAS) technology is included.

Center-opening, B-pillarless doors have been adopted to facilitate unfettered access to the rear seats in the coupe body style. The large door openings make it easy to get in and out of the rear seats despite the sporty disposition of the front seats.

The elegant exterior styling combines an integrated grille with purposeful headlamps, that reflect a sense of precision technology, with deep blue lenses resembling cut-sapphires.

While the interior design reflects the car's dynamic potential, the accent is on elegance. The control switches on the centre stack and the instruments are designed to appeal to those who love mechanical instruments and to capture the spirit of traditional silver halide cameras. That feeling combines with a sporty driving position to convey a strong sense of driving purpose.

The instrument panel, centre stack and door trim are embellished with thick saddle-quality leather, which is supple to the touch. Together with the metal parts, the result fusion of sport and elegance is ensured.

Hand-stitched seams convey a characteristically handmade warmth, while a traditionally Japanese dimpled leather surface pattern is used on the steering wheel grips, the back of the shift paddles, the gearshift knob and other surfaces to add tactile finesse.

A wide dashboard monitor is positioned for minimal change in the driver's line of sight and its exceptional width is used to good advantage to display all the distances of the recommended route in one screen.

In addition, the monitor can be used selectively, such as for simultaneously displaying a navigation map and pointof- interest (POI) information, which can be obtained live while driving.