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Second-generation Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 confirmed

There will be a second-generation BRZ, with Subaru confirming a new Toyota co-developed sports car is coming

Subaru will launch a new BRZ - one on a rear-drive platform co-developed with the Toyota 86 - with the brand at last confirming a second-generation future for the Japanese performance car.

While some reports had questioned whether the co-developed coupe would live on, the brand's American executives confirmed that a second-generation BRZ was a done deal.

"We are working on it. There’s no timeline yet but we’re working on it," says Subaru of America president and CEO, Thomas J Doll. "But there will be a second-generation BRZ."

Asked whether a new BRZ could be taken in-house, perhaps built on the the brand's Subaru Global Platform (SGP) architecture, Doll confirmed the new model would instead remain rear-wheel drive, and that the new model would this time be built on a Toyota platform.

"It's a very flexible platform, but we make all-wheel drive vehicles," he said. "That's our forte, all-wheel drive."

The new follows earlier reports, from Toyota America, that the 86 would live on, even if the company did stop short of confirming a new-generation model.

"As Akio Toyoda said at the reveal of the 2020 Supra, Toyota is committed to building exciting vehicles, including sports cars. The 86 has been in the Toyota family since 2013 and the plan is that it will continue to be a part of Toyota’s sports car line-up," one spokesperson told US outlet Motor1.

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