Sbarro readying hybrid sports car concept

28 February 2013
, Motor Authority
Sbarro readying hybrid sports car concept
Swiss car maker Sbarro's latest concept is the Réact EV.

The company highlights its industrial design school, Espera Sbarro, each year at the Geneva Motor Show, where Espera Sbarro students typically unveil new concepts showcasing their talents.

One of the school’s concepts that comes to mind is 2007’s Turbo S20 Barchetta. In 2013, Espera Sbarro students will present another performance-themed study, this time with an advanced hybrid drivetrain.

The latest concept is the Sbarro Réact E.V., where E.V. stands for Ecologic Vehicle rather than being shorthand for electric vehicle. The Réact E.V. took 30 students a total of 13 weeks to develop, though it’s not simply a show car as it has been designed for road use too. It will even be entered in an eco rally in Monte Carlo this year.

The car’s primary power source is a V-6 engine rated at 154 kW. Sourced from French automaker Peugeot, the V-6 is mounted in a mid-engine positioned and is used to power the rear wheels.

Two electric motors up front deliver a combined 200 kW and power the front wheels. Powering these motors is a lithium-ion battery rated at 24 kilowatt-hours.

Like past Sbarro concepts, the Réact E.V. isn’t destined for production, though perhaps some of its elements may end up on cars built by whichever companies its student designers end up at.