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Renault Arkana 2019: 'Secret' SUV being considered for Australia

The Renault Arkana is being considered for Australia

Renault's new global SUV has been given a name, but it's still a secret.

Well, kind of. The new C-segment SUV - which will be revealed in full at the Moscow Motor Show on August 29 - is called the Arkana. The name, Renault tells us, is taken from the Latin work arcanum, which translates roughly to 'secret'.

According to Renault, the name is intended to invoke a sense of mystery, attractiveness and pioneering spirit. Whether it does or not, we'll leave up to you.

We know little else about the Arkana for now, which has been developed as a "global" product, but with Renault in Australia confirming its interest in the new car, we'll be keeping a close eye on the goings-on at Moscow.

Renault executives here have made SUVs a key plank in their growth strategy - including a push to introduce the international-only Kadjar that would sit between the city-sized Captur and larger Koleos - and so the Arkana is high on their wish list.

“Australia has a strong SUV market and we believe there is opportunity to increase Renault’s SUV presence in the future. We are reviewing this new crossover and we are currently discussing it with the factory," says Renault Australia managing director, Andrew Moore.

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