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Ram 1500 Low Down: Low-riding jumbo truck firms for production

Ram's 1500 Low Down concept is reportedly edging closer to becoming a production reality, and when it does, it'll be on the cards for an Australian launch. 

The Big Horn Low Down was first revealed at the SEMA show last year, but has been back on the show circuit in 2019, with FCA said to be judging consumer reaction.

The Low Down dials up the cool, but down the practicality, for the 1500, with revised suspension lowering the ride height by 2.0-inches (about five centimetres), which is then exaggerated by a set of 22-inch alloy wheels

And it looks good. There's also a new Mopar bonnet, a hard tonneau cover and flared, pop-rivet wheel arches, all of which give Ram's jumbo truck a new mod-scene look. And it has the go to match the show, thanks to Ram's 5.7-litre V8 engine.

The problem, according to US reports, is that lowering the suspension by two inches could require some more complex engineering work, with concerns the airbag sensors would impacted. According to Motor1, an official decision is expected early next year.

If it is approved, likely as a Mopar option kit, then Ram in Australia would be be open to offering it in Australia, where the 1500 has found significant sales success. 

"We’d look at any product that becomes available to us, and then we build a business case where we can," a Ram spokesperson told CarsGuide.