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Price rises hit Mitsubishi Australia with 2022 Outlander, Pajero Sport, ASX and Eclipse Cross now more expensive

Mitsubishi has made the Pajero Sport $500 more expensive than before, kicking off at $44,440.

Most of Mitsubishi Australia’s models have just increased in price, with the likes of the ASX, Outlander and Pajero Sport rising $500, and the Express van jumping up by $550.

The reason for the price increase? Mitsubishi Australia has indicated the rising cost of components and logistics as the culprit, and will follow suit with many other car brands like Hyundai, Mazda and more in passing on the cost to customers.

Starting with the ASX, seven of the 11 grades have jumped up by $500, including the base ES manual that opens the range now at $24,990 before on-road costs.

Likewise, the ES automatic, ES with advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS), MR, LS , GSR and top-spec Exceed variants also now cost $500 more, while the ES-L, ES Plus, MR Plus and XLS Plus grades remaining static in price.

Similarly, most Eclipse Cross grades also jump up $500, with the ES point-of-entry grade now at $31,490.

The LS 2WD, LS AWD, Aspire, Exceed 2WD and Exceed AWD versions also rise in price, with the XLS, XLS Plus 2WD and XLS Plus AWD carrying over prices as before.

All plug-in hybrid versions of the Eclipse Cross however, cop the price increase, with the PHEV ES, Aspire and Exceed now at $46,990, $50,490 and $54,490 respectively.

On the flip side, the Outlander PHEV grades (which are soon to be replaced with a new-gen model) do not increase in price, but all petrol-powered versions of the mid-size SUV (that have launched in new-gen form) do, meaning prices now start from $34,90 for the ES 2WD.

As for the Pajero Sport large SUV, each variant has jumped up in price by $500, with the range kicking off from $44,440 for the GLX 2WD and topping out at $61,440 for the GSR 4WD.

The soon-to-be discontinued Express van, a rebadged version of the Renault Trafic, has risen in price across the most, with costs across the board up by $550. Prices now starting at $39,040 for the GLX SWB.

The only Mitsubishi model to escape the price rise is the Mirage hatchback, which is priced from $14,990 and will be discontinued later this year.

2022 Mitsubishi ASX pricing before on-road costs

ESManual$24,990 (+$500)
ESAutomatic$27,240 (+$500)
ES with ADASAutomatic$28,990 (+$500)
ES PlusAutomatic$28,890
MRAutomatic$28,990 (+$500)
LSAutomatic$29,740 (+$500)
MR PlusAutomatic$31,140
GSRAutomatic$31,990 (+$500)
XLS PlusAutomatic$33,640
ExceedAutomatic$34,490 (+$500)

2022 Eclipse Cross pricing before on-road costs

ES 2WDAutomatic$31,490 (+$500)
LS 2WDAutomatic$33,490 (+$500)
LS AWDAutomatic$35,990 (+$500)
XLS 2WDAutomatic$35,390
Aspire 2WDAutomatic$36,240 (+$500)
XLS Plus 2WDAutomatic$38,640
XLS Plus AWDAutomatic$41,140
Exceed 2WDAutomatic$39,490 (+$500)
Exceed AWDAutomatic$41,990 (+$500)

2022 Eclipse Cross PHEV pricing before on-road costs

ESAutomatic$46,990 (+$500)
AspireAutomatic$50,490 (+$500)
ExceedAutomatic$54,490 (+$500)

2022 Outlander pricing before on-road costs

ES 2WDAutomatic$34,990 (+$500)
ES AWDAutomatic$37,490 (+$500)
LS 2WD 7 SeatAutomatic$38,490 (+$500)
LS AWD 7 SeatAutomatic$40,990 (+$500)
Aspire 2WD 7 SeatAutomatic$41,990 (+$500)
Aspire AWD 7 SeatAutomatic$44,490 (+$500)
Exceed AWD 7 SeatAutomatic$48,990 (+$500)
Exceed Tourer AWD 7 SeatAutomatic$51,490 (+$500)

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV pricing before on-road costs


2022 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport pricing before on-road costs

GLX 2WDAutomatic$44,440 (+$500)
GLS 2WDAutomatic$49,190 (+$500)
GLX 4WDAutomatic$49,440 (+$500)
GLS 4WDAutomatic$54,190 (+$500)
Exceed 4WDAutomatic$59,690 (+$500)
GSR 4WDAutomatic$61,440 (+$500)

2022 Mitsubishi Express pricing before on-road costs

GLX SWBManual$39,040 (+$550)
GLX SWBAutomatic$44,040 (+$550)
GLX LWBManual$41,040 (+$550)
GLX LWBAutomatic$46,040 (+$550)
GLX+ LWBAutomatic$46,540 (+$550)
GLX+ LWB TailgateAutomatic$46,540 (+$550)