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Price rises continue! 2022 Hyundai Venue, Kona, Tucson, Palisade, i30 and Sonata the latest models to increase in cost amid industry-wide crunch

The popular Kona small SUV is now more expensive to buy.

Hyundai Australia has followed a recent industry trend and increased the pricing of nearly all its models.

Specifically, the Venue light SUV (+$300), Kona small SUV (+300), Tucson mid-size SUV (+$400), Palisade large SUV (+$700), i30 small hatchback (+$300), i30 small sedan (+$500) and Sonata mid-size sedan (+$575) have all been impacted (see full pricing tables below).

That said, high-performance N versions of the Kona and i30 pair are unaffected alongside zero-emissions Electric variants of the former.

And the Palisade’s flagship Highlander grade has separately increased and decreased in cost by $112 and $811 in petrol and diesel form, respectively.

This means only the i20 light hatchback, Ioniq small car, recently updated Santa Fe large SUV, Staria people mover and Staria-Load van have avoided this round of adjustments.

Speaking to CarsGuide, a Hyundai Australia spokesperson confirmed no changes have been made to any model’s standard specification.

Instead, they said the "price rise is a result of shipping and manufacturing cost increases".

2022 Hyundai Venue pricing before on-road costs

Venuemanual$21,240 (+$300)
Venueautomatic$23,260 (+$300)
Venue Activemanual$23,170 (+$300)
Venue Activeautomatic$25,190 (+$300)
Venue Eliteautomatic$27,070 (+$300)

2022 Hyundai Kona pricing before on-road costs

Kona FWDautomatic$26,900 (+$300)
Kona Active FWDautomatic$28,500 (+$300)
Kona Elite FWDautomatic$31,900 (+$300)
Kona N Line AWDautomatic$36,600 (+$300)
Kona Highlander FWDautomatic$38,300 (+$300)
Kona N Line Premium AWDautomatic$42,470 (+$300)
Kona N FWDautomatic$47,500 (N/A)
Kona N Premium FWDautomatic$50,500 (N/A)
Kona Electric Standard Range Elite FWDautomatic$54,500 (N/A)
Kona Electric Extended Range Elite FWDautomatic$60,500 (N/A)
Kona Electric Standard Range Highlander FWDautomatic$58,000 (N/A)
Kona Electric Extended Range Highlander FWDautomatic$64,000 (N/A)

 2022 Hyundai Tucson pricing before on-road costs

Tucson 2.0L petrol FWDautomatic$34,900 (+$400)
Tucson Elite 2.0L petrol FWDautomatic$39,400 (+$400)
Tucson Elite 1.6L petrol AWDautomatic$43,400 (+$400)
Tucson Elite 2.0L diesel AWDautomatic$45,400 (+$400)
Tucson Highlander 2.0L petrol FWDautomatic$46,400 (+$400)
Tucson Highlander 1.6L petrol AWDautomatic$50,400 (+$400)
Tucson Highlander 2.0L diesel AWDautomatic$52,400 (+$400)

2022 Hyundai Palisade pricing before on-road costs

Palisade FWD petrolautomatic$55,700 (+$700)
Palisade AWD dieselautomatic$59,700 (+$700)
Palisade Elite FWD petrolautomatic$62,200 (+$700)
Palisade Elite AWD dieselautomatic$66,200 (+$700)
Palisade Highlander FWD petrolautomatic$71,112 (+$112)
Palisade Highlander AWD dieselautomatic$74,189 (-$811)

2022 Hyundai i30 hatchback pricing before on-road costs

i30manual$23,720 (+$300)
i30automatic$25,720 (+$300)
i30 Activeautomatic$27,220 (+$300)
i30 Eliteautomatic$30,520 (+$300)
i30 N Linemanual$29,720 (+$300)
i30 N Lineautomatic$31,720 (+$300)
i30 N Line Premiummanual$34,520 (+$300)
i30 N Line Premiumautomatic$36,520 (+$300)
i30 Nmanual$44,500 (N/A)
i30 Nautomatic$47,500 (N/A)
i30 N Premiummanual$47,500 (N/A)
i30 N Premiumautomatic$52,000 (N/A)

2022 Hyundai i30 sedan pricing before on-road costs

Activemanual$25,690 (+$500)
Activeautomatic$27,690 (+$500)
N Linemanual$31,190 (+$500)
N Lineautomatic$33,190 (+$500)
Eliteautomatic$31,690 (+$500)
N Line Premiumautomatic$38,190 (+$500)
N Premiummanual$49,000 (N/A)
N Premiumautomatic$49,000 (N/A)

2022 Hyundai Sonata pricing before on-road costs

N Lineautomatic$51,565 (+$575)