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Price crunch! 2022 Mazda 2, 3, 6, CX-3, CX-30, CX-9 and MX-5 join other models caught up in recent wave of cost increases

The CX-30 small SUV is one of several Mazda models that have become dearer.

Add Mazda to the list of brands that have recently increased the pricing of most of their models on sale in Australia.

Yep, the Mazda2 light car, Mazda3 small car, Mazda6 mid-size car, CX-3 light SUV, CX-30 small SUV, CX-9 large SUV, MX-5 sports car and BT-50 ute (see separate story) have all been caught up in the latest round of price rises.

Excluding their entry-level Pure grade, the Mazda2, Mazda3 and CX-30 are now $100 more expensive range-wide (see full pricing tables below).

Meanwhile, the Mazda6’s cheapest three variants have jumped $300, while the other five have moved up $400.

Only the CX-3’s entry-level Neo Sport and Maxx Sport grades have dodged the adjustments, with the rest of its line-up rising $100.

Similarly, the CX-9’s entry-level Sport grade is unchanged, but the rest of its range has become $100 dearer, excluding the flagship Azami AWD versions that’ve instead been upped by $130.

The recently updated MX-5 has increased by $100 across its line-up.

A Mazda Australia spokesperson told CarsGuide no changes have been made to the standard equipment of the affected models.

“Market changes, raw materials and production costs and currency fluctuations among other factors can all affect price setting. Mazda made a small price increase on some models in January to reflect those changes,” they said.

Of note, the CX-5 mid-size SUV and CX-8 large SUV were updated in the past month, while the MX-30 small SUV is the only model to have not made a change in 2022.

2022 Mazda2 pricing before on-road costs

G15 Pure hatchbackmanual$21,190 (N/A)
G15 Pure hatchbackautomatic$23,190 (N/A)
G15 Pure sedanautomatic$23,190 (N/A)
G15 Pure SP hatchbackautomatic$23,690 (N/A)
G15 Evolve hatchbackautomatic$24,790 (+$100)
G15 GT hatchbackautomatic$26,290 (+$100)
G15 GT sedanautomatic$26,290 (+$100)

2022 Mazda3 hatchback and sedan pricing before on-road costs

G20 Puremanual$26,340 (N/A)
G20 Pureautomatic$27,340 (N/A)
G20 Evolvemanual$27,890 (+$100)
G20 Evolveautomatic$28,890 (+$100)
G20e Evolveautomatic$32,640 (+$100)
G20 Touringmanual$30,390 (+$100)
G20 Touringautomatic$31,390 (+$100)
G25 Evolve SPmanual$31,290 (+$100)
G25 Evolve SPautomatic$32,290 (+$100)
G25 GTmanual$34,990 (+$100)
G25 GTautomatic$35,990 (+$100)
G25 Astinamanual$38,490 (+$100)
G25 Astinaautomatic$39,490 (+$100)
X20 Astinaautomatic$42,490 (+$100)

2022 Mazda6 pricing before on-road costs

Sport sedanautomatic$34,890 (+$300)
Sport wagonautomatic$36,190 (+$300)
Touring sedanautomatic$39,190 (+$300)
Touring wagonautomatic$40,590 (+$400)
GT SP sedanautomatic$47,090 (+$400)
GT SP wagonautomatic$48,390 (+$400)
Atenza sedanautomatic$50,490 (+$400)
Atenza wagonautomatic$51,790 (+$400)

 2022 Mazda CX-3 pricing before on-road costs

Neo Sport FWDmanual$23,190 (N/A)
Neo Sport FWDautomatic$25,190 (N/A)
Maxx Sport FWDmanual$25,190 (N/A)
Maxx Sport FWDautomatic$27,190 (N/A)
Maxx Sport LE FWDautomatic$27,940 (N/A)
Maxx Sport AWDautomatic$29,190 (N/A)
sTouring FWDmanual$29,890 (+$100)
sTouring FWDautomatic$31,890 (+$100)
sTouring AWDautomatic$33,890 (+$100)
Akari FWDautomatic$36,990 (+$100)
Akari AWDautomatic$38,990 (+$100)
Akari LE FWDautomatic$37,490 (+$100)
Akari LE AWDautomatic$39,490 (+$100)

 2022 Mazda CX-30 pricing before on-road costs

G20 Pure FWDmanual$29,390 (N/A)
G20 Pure FWDautomatic$30,390 (N/A)
G20 Evolve FWDautomatic$32,090 (+$100)
G20e Evolve FWDautomatic$35,840 (+$100)
G20 Touring FWDautomatic$35,990 (+$100)
G20 Touring SP FWDautomatic$37,790 (+$100)
G25 Touring FWDautomatic$37,490 (+$100)
G25 Touring AWDautomatic$39,490 (+$100)
G25 Touring SP FWDautomatic$39,290 (+$100)
G25 Touring SP AWDautomatic$41,290 (+$100)
G20 Astina FWDautomatic$40,990 (+$100)
G25 Astina FWDautomatic$42,490 (+$100)
G25 Astina AWDautomatic$44,490 (+$100)
X20 Astina AWDautomatic$47,490 (+$100)

2022 Mazda CX-9 pricing before on-road costs

Sport FWDautomatic$45,990 (N/A)
Sport AWDautomatic$49,990 (N/A)
Touring FWDautomatic$53,590 (+$100)
Touring AWDautomatic$57,590 (+$100)
GT FWDautomatic$63,090 (+$100)
GT AWDautomatic$67,090 (+$100)
GT SP FWDautomatic$63,590 (+$100)
GT SP AWDautomatic$67,590 (+$100)
Azami FWDautomatic$66,290 (+$100)
Azami AWDautomatic$70,631 (+$130)
Azami LE AWDautomatic$73,881 (+$130)

2022 Mazda MX-5 pricing before on-road costs

Roadstermanual$37,790 (+$100)
Roadsterautomatic$36,790 (+$100)
Roadster GTmanual$44,420 (+$100)
Roadster GTautomatic$46,420 (+$100)
Roadster GT RSmanual$47,420 (+$100)
RFmanual$42,100 (+$100)
RFautomatic$44,100 (+$100)
RF GTmanual$48,500 (+$100)
RF GTautomatic$50,500 (+$100)
RF GT RSmanual$51,500 (+$100)
RF GT Black Roofmanual$49,520 (+$100)
RF GT Black Roofautomatic$51,520 (+$100)