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Porsche owners can now pay to offset carbon emissions

All Porsche owners can now pay to offset their tailpipe emissions for the year, regardless of what engine is fitted.

Porsche Australia will offer its customers the opportunity to offset their emissions footprint with a financial donation to support environmentally friendly local sustainability projects.

Dubbed the Porsche Impact program, the dollar amount is calculated on the yearly milage and fuel consumption figure, with the brand giving the example of a sports car that has travelled 15,000km at 12 litres per 100km resulting in a $117 annual tally.

Obviously the thirstier the vehicle or the more the owner drives will increase the figure, but it allows socially conscious Porsche owners to enjoy their cars in a more environmentally responsible way.

Owners can pay into two local projects at the moment – Mount Sandy, a land conversation project measuring 200 hectares in the Coorong National Park and Lake Albert region in South Australia, or the Myamyn project, a rehabilitation of the Annya State forest found in south-west Victoria.

Porsche Australia won’t leave it just up to its customers though, with the brand also paying into one of the two projects based on the carbon dioxide emissions of its extensive car fleet, which includes company cars, press cars and vehicles used in the Track Experience program.

The Porsche Impact program is not the brand’s first and only sustainability project though, with the German sports car maker also taking part in the Tyre Stewardship Australia recycling program, solar power for its Melbourne headquarters, youth road safety and a donation of $250,000 to bushfire recovery.

Porsche is also set to roll-out its first all-electric model this year with the Taycan due to land locally before year’s end, while its plug-in hybrid offerings include the Cayenne and Panamera.