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Porsche driver lands himself in cold water

One driver has had a very unlucky day after landing his Porsche in water on the Central Coast.

The crash happened about 3.50pm on Rutleys Rd near Vales Rd at Mannering Park, an area bordered by three bays and Mannering Lake, when it appears the man lost control.

The silver Porsche, which appeared to be a late model Carrera, could be seen floating in a bushland surrounded river, its sides crumpled, bonnet raised and doors forced open by the impact.

Both lanes of Rutleys Rd had to be closed off for several hours after the crash while the wreckage was retrieved from the water.

The driver, though shaken, was left with only minor injuries and did not require hospital treatment.

Sadly for Porsche lovers everywhere, the same could not be said for his car.