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Photos capture joy of dogs in cars

Karla Pincott

30 Dec 2013 • 2 min read

Los Angeles photographer Lara Jo Regan is an expert at capturing dogs. As the person who sparked the mid-90s internet craze for Mr Winkle -- a pomeranium-chihuahua stray she adopted and turned into a star of calendars, websites and an episode of Sex and the City -- Regan knows how to extract the best from her canine subjects.

And she's put that skill to great use with her latest calendar, which captures the delight dogs take in riding in cars. Now, we'll leave alone any admonishing about the pooches not being safely tethered -- and we're pretty sure some of our dog-owning readers will take on that task.

For the moment, let's just assume that these photos were taken under controlled conditions, on private closed roads, and that no dogs were harmed during the photo sessions. Although it's possible the photographer ended up covered in a dangerous amount of canine slobber.

Our gallery shows just a few of the photos featured in the calendar and an impending book series. The calendar can be purchased here, and Regan's website also has a section where you can upload your own photos of your furry friends enjoying cars.

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