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Peugeot RCZ hybrid and Cup tipped

If the hybrid Peugeot RCZ gets the go-ahead it is likely within 18 months.

There is no timetable for either car but both are more than just dreams, according to Peugeot.  It previewed the RCZ hybrid at last year's Frankfurt motor show and is considering a car that will pick up the Hybrid4 drivetrain that will be fitted into the Peugeot 3008 all-wheel drive next year.

"We are studying this with Magna (the contracted builders of the RCZ) but we have to make sure of the financial and business case for the car," says Peugeot's marketing director, Marc Giulioti.

The ‘green’ car would get a 120kW 2.0-litre diesel engine driving the front wheels with a 27kW electric motor driving the rears, giving a total power of 147kW.  Fuel consumption could be as frugal as 3.7L/100km, while emissions would be a low 95g/km –, results that shave the Toyota Prius by 0.2L but fail to match its claimed 89g/km of CO2.

If the hybrid RCZ gets the go-ahead it is likely within 18 months.  Giulioti admits Peugeot had originally discounted a high-powered RCZ but is now reconsidering its potential, although it will take two years to become a reality.

But “Peugeot is already hitting the track with the RCZ, entering for the 24-hour Nurburgring race next month in a field that includes factory cars from everyone from Aston Martin to Ford.  "We will participate in the 24 hour race, with a 200hp (147kW) diesel … it’s our stock engine with a little work on it,” Giulioti says,

"This will be our first race with RCZ, but there will be more in the future. But it’s kind of a semi-official program – it’s not really a Peugeot Sports program.  It'’s been developed by people from the marketing department and as the kind of ‘gentleman drivers’ adventure.

“We are not aiming to win this race, but only to go the end, to finish the race … it is more a profile exercise.  After that … we will see.”"