Petrol price pumps survey response

27 May 2008
Petrol price pumps survey response
We want to know what you think about hybrid cars, bio fuels and all things green.

While just over 200 people had responded to the survey over the previous fortnight, more than 400 logged on to have their say in the couple of days after oil prices hit the front page on Thursday – and more are expected to do the same before the survey finishes after this weekend.

“The rush of response in such a short time shows just how concerned people are about the skyrocketing fuel prices, carsguide chief operating officer Tony Burrett said.

“It’s reached the stage where people are having to go without things – and I don’t mean luxuries, but even little things like buying lunch at work – so they can cope with fuel bills.”

However, while people were concerned enough to answer the survey, their responses showed the car industry might have a long way to go before it can attract them into greener cars.

As the results stand at the moment, 36 per cent say hybrid cars are too expensive, while 31 per cent said hybrids didn’t offer the features they wanted. Only 5 per cent said the environment was not a priority for them.

The interim results are showing a growing acceptance of bio-fuels, with 44 per cent of people believing the fuels are good at reducing the carbon emissions of cars.

More than 60 per cent so far have admitted they’ve used fuel in driving a short distance because they didn’t feel like walking, and 70 per cent acknowledging they use their car to get to places they could access with public transport.

However, questions about the public transport system revealed 33 per cent found it an inconvenience, while close to 30 per cent find it unreliable.

To add your say to the survey, log on to and click on the link at the right hand side of the home page.

The full results will be analysed after the survey closes off following this weekend.

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