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Only 100 new Jaguar cars left in Australia: Brexit and pandemic complications lead to British brand stock shortages

There's only one Jaguar left you can walk in and drive out with and that's the F-Type.

There are less than 100 new Jaguars left in dealerships across the country, with the effects of COVID-19 and Brexit combining to cut off the supply of vehicles, according to the British brand's Australian boss.

Speaking at the launch of the new Jaguar F-Pace, Jaguar Land Rover Australia’s managing director, Mark Cameron, said the company’s lacklustre sales results were not due to the brand under performing but came down to vehicle availability out of Europe.

“There’s been quite a lot of reports in the media relating to sales figures and the fortunes of manufacturers and whether demand is waning,” he said. “Supply is our major issue and continues to be, although we’re getting more stability in our supply chain.”

Sales for Jaguar until the end of March were down by 51.4 per cent compared to the same time in 2020, with just 214 cars sold this year. 

Those figures look set to tumble further, with Mr Cameron revealing that there are only about 70 new cars left among Australian entire Jaguar dealer network.

“Just to give you an example, in total national dealer stock at the moment, we have less than 100 Jaguars, in fact it’s 72 as of last Friday [March 26], and our unsold Land Rover stock is about 350 units,” he said. 

CarsGuide checked the new car tally with Jaguar on April 7 and was told it had only increased by one unit, to 73 cars now in Australia. 

“If you think about it, we have 41 retailers, so there’s barely enough cars to fill the showroom, let alone supply and register to customers in large numbers. Pretty much everything that is coming through, and supply is improving, is going straight out to customers. What is reassuring for us is that over the last year and certainly over the last three months, the level of demand has almost hit historic highs for us when you look at the order take our retailers are recording.” 

Jaguar told CarsGuide the typical wait time once an order has been made by a customer is now up to eight months depending on the model. Most other car manufacturers have also had supply affected, with customers of more mainstream Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota waiting three to six months for a RAV4 mid-size SUV when the wait is normally between three and six days.

Mr Cameron says that the difference with Jaguar is that is vehicles are made in Europe and in the United Kingdom, and production has been affected not just by COVID-19, but also by the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

“We probably more than most have been affected because all of our production comes from Europe, most of it is the UK but also continental Europe,” he said. 

“If you think about the COVID effect in those markets – I mean Europe’s going through a severe third wave right now – we’ve been totally linked to the fortunes of supply of factories in Europe. In the UK, we’re seeing much more stability, and we’ll see more production in the coming months, and we’ll see that reflected in our quarterly sales figures. 

“With half the adult population now vaccinated, I think you’ll see some stability in our factories, but it really has been difficult and then when you add the effect of Brexit, particularly the stickiness of the borders in terms of component supply between the UK and continental Europe. That was an added issue that has caused a bit of disruption, so we’re trying to get as much stock into Australia that we can. As I said, the demand is there, and from the second half of this year you will see things improve as we’re able to satisfy customer demand.”

Not all buyers will have to wait eight months for their new car to arrive, with a spokesperson for the company telling CarsGuide there is one model left that some customers can walk into a dealership and drive out with, and that’s the F-Type sports car. Many dealerships around the country still have the F-Type in stock.

So, unless it’s an F-Type, customers will have to join the queue but with dealers’ order banks already full customers could be waiting until 2022 to take delivery of their new Jaguar.

As for Land Rover, CarsGuide has been told that 60 per cent of the year’s allocations for the new Defender have already been filled, while 50 per cent of the entire Land Rover stock for 2021 has been allocated.