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Old Bentleys ride for dealer's bride

The Bentley convoy is estimated to have a total value of $12-$18 million

It was the loudest, smokiest and most expensive guard of honour when a collection of historic Bentleys showed up on Sunday for a high-society Ascot wedding.

The collection of racing Bentleys had gathered at Ashgrove earlier in the day for the visit of Dr Clare Hay, a leading authority on the iconic British marque.

After being photographed and interviewed for the British motoring author's forthcoming publication, several owners drove to Ascot for the wedding of Brisbane Audi Centre dealer principal Greg Willims and Suzanne Heinisch.

"We feel quite honoured that this has all happened on the same day,'' said Mr Willims, who is the owner of an old Bentley and whose dealership also sells the Crewe-made vehicles,

"You could hear them coming a mile off. Some of these cars have fantail exhaust systems with perforations down the side so they sound like an old aircraft trying to take off."

The Bentley convoy, estimated to have a total value of $12-$18 million, included two rare 4.5-litre supercharged cars called "Blowers'' each worth about $4 million.

A late inclusion was a Bentley formerly owned by English novelist Sir Pelham Grenville "PG"  Wodehouse.