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Nissan's electric feels: New Formula E racer revealed

Nissan has whipped the covers of its new electric racer, with the new-season Formula E car unveiled in Tokyo ahead of the sixth season of the EV race series.

Wearing a striking red, black and white livery - traditional Nissan colours, but styled to look like a Japanese kimono - the design will also appear on the brand's other race cars, with the twin-motor Leaf Nismo RC to also get the patriotic paint job.

Under the skin there's also a new powertrain setup, with a switch to a single motor in keeping with the Formula E’s new-season regulation changes.

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“The second season is sometimes harder than the first," says Nissan’s motorsport boss Michael Carcamo.

“With a major change to a single-motor solution, we had plenty to do in the off-season. We'll use everything we learned from season five to improve our package, with an even greater emphasis on battery and energy management.”

Formula E’s sixth season kicks off in Saudi Arabia on November 22.