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Nissan Titan Australian launch: Local right-hand drive rebuild now "more than likely" for Ram 1500 rival

Nissan Titan could be converted to right-hand drive locally

It’s no secret that Nissan is convinced there’s a market for its American-born Titan truck in Australia. So much so, in fact, that the brand says a local left- to right-hand-drive conversion process is now “more than likely” to speed up the launch process.

As reported here previously, Nissan in Australia is desperately keen to carve themselves a slice of the jumbo truck market currently dominated by Ram.

The brand’s ticket to ride takes the shape of the Titan: an American-born behemoth powered by a diesel or petrol V8 engine. It also serves up maximum towing capacity of about 5.2 tonnes, and a maximum payload capacity of about 900kg.

And like the Ram (and the Chevrolet Silverado), Nissan says it’s "more than likely" the Titan will touch down in Australian in left-hand drive, before being converted for our market here.

“We’re working as fast as possible,” says Nissan Australia boss Stephen Lester. “If we can make Titan specifically happen, it will more than likely happen with conversion. And we’ll have to go down that road of finding who can do that for us.”

Nissan says quality will be key for any local conversion - both from a head office approval view, and for customer satisfaction - and so executives are yet to rule out speaking to existing converters in Australia, even if they're currently involved with other brands.

"It’s a long process to get the team in Japan and engineers to agree to the level and quality of work and what needs to happen,” Lester says. “As a company, we’re not interested in taking the risk of bringing a product to life that’s not 100 per cent.

“We don’t have any reservations around working with anyone at this point. It comes down to who can do the best job.”

The Titan is offered in the USA Stateside in two sizes; the standard Titan and the XD version. The Titan version measures 5.79m in length, 2.01m in width and up to 1.93m in height. The XV stretches a whopping 6.16m in length, 2.04m in width and 1.98m in height. Both are offered in Single, King and Crew Cab configurations.

Nissan is yet to confirm a timeframe for the Titan in Australia, but has made no secret of hoping to launch a true pick-up truck as soon as possible. But while its own investigations have begun, the brand is quick to point out that final approval is yet to be granted by its Japanese head office.

“The head office team doesn’t stop you before get something started,” Lester says. “But we’re not anywhere close to an approval stage yet.”

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