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Nissan signs Origin Energy deal for Leaf

The partnership is designed to make the purchase of electric vehicles easy and cost effective.

Origin says it will provide eastern states customers access to electricity from sustainable sources, home and office charging equipment, electricity management and advice in its key eastern states markets.

The partnership is designed to make public and fleet purchase of electric vehicles easy and cost effective, says Origin spokesman Phil Craig.

"We will give options for electric vehicle owners on the type of charging station and where the electricity is sourced,'' he says.

"Users can specify 100 per cent of the electricity from sustainable sources, or 50 per cent or 25 per cent. Opting for 25 per cent sustainable electricity only adds about $1 a week to the bill.''

Mr Craig says the agreement will help establish electric vehicles as a viable, convenient and more sustainable alternative to fossil-fuelled vehicles.

Origin has four all-electric cars - two Mitsubishi i-MiEVs and two Leafs - and will increase its electric fleet vehicles when the Leaf goes on sale in Australia in June.

Mr Craig says the agreement with Nissan was not exclusive and Origin would be open to provide green services with future electric-car makers in Australia. Renault will later this year introduce its all-electric Fluence ZE sedan. 

Nissan's outgoing CEO, Dan Thompson, said the Leaf has the potential to change the shape of urban and suburban motoring in Australia.

"This agreement with Origin gives us a major strategic competitive advantage,'' he says. "It is this shared awareness of and advocacy for cleaner forms of energy that makes the Nissan and Origin agreement such a fitting and promising one.'' 

More than 25,000 Nissan Leafs are already on the roads around the world.