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Nissan Leaf may be cheapest electric

Nissan's Dan Thompson says it's too early to confirm local pricing for the Leaf.

But Nissan boss, Dan Thompson, warns that without some level of government support Australian buyers could be forced to pay more than Japan or US buyers.

"We've just announced pricing in Japan and the US and they’re both around the mid-$30,000s and then with government incentives it’s about US$25,000," Thompson says.

"Certainly the whole strategy behind EV is to deliver an affordable proposition to the consumer. It's too early to talk about local pricing for Leaf but what you've seen in Japan and the US is very much aligned with global positioning and strategy for the car."

Nissan Australia has signed memorandums of understandings with the ACT, NSW and Victoria governments to explore how best to adopt EV cars. Thompson is keen to get federal support too.