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Next Holden Commodore to come from Germany

The rumours are true. Our next Holden Commodore will be a rebadged Opel Insignia medium-size sedan.

The next Holden Commodore will have a German accent.

The boss of General Motors' European car division has inadvertently confirmed that the Opel Insignia sedan will replace the homegrown Holden Commodore when production in Adelaide comes to an end in late 2017.

Opel boss Karl Thomas Neumann told Australian media at the Geneva motor show overnight that "the Australians will like this car a lot".

Asked when the new model will be unveiled ahead of its showroom arrival, the executive said "very soon".

When asked how many would be exported from Germany and shipped to Australia, the Opel boss said: "as many as possible".

Until now, Holden and General Motors executives have refused to confirm that the next Commodore would come from Germany, even though it was widely speculated.

A German-sourced Commodore means the car will have come full circle

It means the 'Commodore' will no longer be available with a V8, instead opting for four-cylinder or V6 turbo power.

Opel was nearly axed by General Motors in the grip of the Global Financial Crisis.

But a plan at the 11th hour to use Opel to develop cars for the rest of the world helped save the German division of General Motors.

The move to a German-sourced Commodore means the car will have come full circle.

The first Holden Commodore released in 1978 was based on an Opel sedan.