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New Volkswagen Transporter 6.1 2021 pricing and specs detailed: Ford Transit rival gets updated

Volkswagen has updated the Transporter range for 2021.

Delivers are more important than ever in our modern, online-shopping obsessed society - so there’s good news for drivers with the arrival of the updated Volkswagen Transporter.

Dubbed the Transporter 6.1 (T6.1), the company claims this is a significant mid-life upgrade with changes to the powertrains and equipment levels.

The Transporter range will be available in three bodystyles - van, Crewvan and Cab Chassis - and will hit Australian showrooms between now and the first quarter of 2021. It will be an extensive line-up that should help Volkswagen appeal to a wide audience of commercial vehicle buyers.

The new Transporter range is available from dealers now and will be available for online order from August 10.

T6.1 Van

The van range will consist of two wheelbase dimensions and come with three engine choices. The range will begin with the standard wheelbase TDI250, powered by an 81kW turbo-diesel engine and mated to a five-speed manual gearbox starting at $38,990 (plus on-road costs).

Next up the ladder will be the TDI340, powered by a 110kW engine and with the choice of a six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (DSG). An all-wheel-drive version (4Motion in VW-speak) will arrive in early 2021. The TDI340 will be priced from $41,990 for the manual and $44,990 for the DSG.

Then there’s the TDI450, packing a 146kW turbo diesel and paired exclusively with the seven-speed dual-clutch auto, but with the option of all-wheel drive. The two-wheel drive model starts at $50,990 with the 4Motion from $53,990.

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The long wheelbase van range will only offer two engine options - TDI340 and TDI450 - with the same transmissions as the standard wheelbase models. The TDI340 LWB will be priced from $44,990, the TDI450 LWB from $53,990 and will peak at the TDI450 LWB 4Motion priced from $56,990.

Standard equipment for the van will include halogen headlights and daytime running lights, and 16- or 17-inch steel wheels (with optional alloys for the TD340 and TDI450). Inside there will be cloth trim, LED interior lighting for both the cabin and the cargo area, rubber floors in the cabin, as well as an multimedia system with a 6.5-inch screen, two USB-C ports, AUX input and Bluetooth connectivity.

Volkswagen will include plenty of standard safety features too, with all Transporter vans equipped with Front Assist with City Emergency Brake, Crosswind Assist, Side Assist, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, multi-collision brake and cruise control. It will also come with Driver Fatigue Detection, hill-start assist, rear parking sensors and a reversing camera as well as front and side airbags.

2020 VW Transporter T6.1 Van pricing:

TDI250 SWB five-speed manual$38,990
TDI340 SWB six-speed manual$41,990
TDI340 SWB seven-speed DSG$44,990
TDI340 SWB seven-speed DSG 4Motion$47,990
TDI450 SWB seven-speed DSG$50,990
TDI450 SWB seven-speed DSG 4Motion$53,990
TDI340 LWB six-speed manual$44,990
TDI340 LWB seven-speed DSG$47,990
TDI340 LWB seven-speed DSG 4Motion$50,990
TDI450 LWB seven-speed DSG$53,990
TDI450 LWB seven-speed DSG 4Motion$56,990

T6.1 Crewvan

The Transporter 6.1 Crewvan will also come with the option of the standard and long wheelbase but will only be available with the 110kW engine and seven-speed DSG.

The TDI340 is priced from $51,490 and will be joined by a TDI340 4Motion in Q1 2021 starting at $54,490. It’s the same story for the long wheelbase variant, with the TDI340 LWB costing $54,490 with the TDI340 LWB 4Motion set to cost $57,490 when it arrives next year.

It will be similarly equipped as the van, but will add a right-hand sliding door and both sides will have windows for the second row seats.

2020 VW Transporter T6.1 Crewvan pricing:

TDI340 SWB seven-speed DSG$51,490
TDI340 SWB seven-speed DSG 4Motion$54,490
TDI340 LWB seven-speed DSG$54,490
TDI340 LWB seven-speed DSG 4Motion$57,490

T6.1 Cab Chassis

The third member of the Transporter 6.1 family is the Cab Chassis body style which will come equipped with an alloy tray as standard.

It will have the choice of a single- or dual-cab, but only be available with the longer wheelbase and powered by the 145kW turbo diesel, paired with the seven-speed DSG. However, it’ll come with the choice of two- or all-wheel drive, with both available this year unlike the other 4Motion models.

The Cab Chassis will have a starting price of $55,490 for the TDI450 Single Cab, $58,490 for the Single Cab 4Motion, $57,490 for the TDI450 Dual Cab and top out at $60,490 for the Dual Cab 4Motion.

The aluminium tray will feature folding dropsides, safety latches and a fold-out step on the tailgate. It will have eight recessed tie-down points on the Single Cab, and six for the Dual Cab.

It will ride on 17-inch steel wheels as standard, and like the rest of the range will have a full-sized spare wheel and tyre.

Inside will mirror the vans with black cloth trim, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and 6.5-inch multimedia screen.

Safety-wise it gets many of the same features as the van - including Front Assist with City Emergency Brake and the airbags - but it does miss out on Crosswind Assist, Side Assist, blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert and the rear parking sensors and camera.

2020 VW Transporter T6.1 Cab Chassis pricing:

TDI340 single-cab seven-speed DSG$55,490
TDI340 single-cab seven-speed DSG 4Motion$58,490
TDI340 dual-cab seven-speed DSG$57,490
TDI340 dual-cab seven-speed DSG 4Motion$60,490