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New Nissan Navara 2020 pricing and specs detailed: Popular ute increases in cost

The D23 Navara has been revised several times since its release, but it’s only pricing changes this time around.

Nissan Australia has increased pricing for the Navara ute by up to $500, with its 28-variant line-up otherwise carrying over unchanged.

The entry-level manual 4x2 RX single-cab chassis is up $250, to $26,500 plus on-road costs, while its space-cab counterpart has jumped by $300, to $29,050, alongside the only DX variant, a manual 4x4 single-cab chassis ($32,650).

Six of the nine other RX variants are up $350, ranging from the manual 4x4 RX single-cab chassis ($33,700) to the manual 4x4 space-cab pick-up ($38,000), while the remaining three ($39,250 manual 4x4 dual-cab chassis to $43,850 automatic 4x4 dual-cab pick-up) are $400 more expensive.

The two 4x2 ST variants ($41,200 manual and $43,700 automatic dual-cab pick-ups) also now cost $400 more, while their four 4x4 counterparts ($41,200 manual space-cab pick-up to $50,400 automatic dual-cab pick-up) are $450 dearer.

It’s a similar story for the ST-X grade, with its two 4x2 variants ($46,100 manual and $48,600 automatic dual-cab pick-ups) up $450, while its four 4x4 variants ($46,100 manual space-cab pick-up to $55,750 automatic dual-cab pick-up) have jumped by $500.

A $450 bump has also been applied to the two SL variants, the $45,050 manual and $47,550 automatic 4x4 dual-cab pick-ups, while the 4x4 N-Trek dual-cab pick-up costs the same in manual and automatic forms, at $53,250 and $55,750 respectively.

A Nissan Australia spokesperson told CarsGuide that the price increases were made due to “the challenging position of the Australian dollar and the subsequent impact on exchange rates”, which have “impacted on the cost of vehicle imports”.

For reference, all Navara variants are motivated by a 140kW/450Nm 2.3-litre twin-turbo four-cylinder diesel engine, which is mated to either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed torque-converter automatic transmission.

2020 Nissan Navara pricing before on-road costs

4x2 RX single-cab chassismanual$26,500
4x2 RX space-cab chassismanual$29,050
4x2 RX dual-cab pick-upmanual$33,850
4x2 RX dual-cab pick-upautomatic$36,700
4x2 ST dual-cab pick-upmanual$41,200
4x2 ST dual-cab pick-upautomatic$43,700
4x2 ST-X dual-cab pick-upmanual$46,100
4x2 ST-X dual-cab pick-upautomatic$48,600
4x4 DX single-cab chassismanual$32,650
4x4 RX single-cab chassismanual$33,700
4x4 RX single-cab chassisautomatic$36,200
4x4 RX space-cab chassismanual$36,200
4x4 RX space-cab pick-upmanual$38,000
4x4 ST space-cab pick-upmanual$45,100
4x4 ST space-cab pick-upautomatic$47,600
4x4 ST-X space-cab pick-up manual$51,250
4x4 ST-X space-cab pick-upautomatic$53,750
4x4 RX dual-cab chassismanual$39,250
4x4 RX dual-cab chassisautomatic$41,750
4x4 RX dual-cab pick-upautomatic$43,850
4x4 SL dual-cab pick-upmanual$45,050
4x4 SL dual-cab pick-upautomatic$47,550
4x4 ST dual-cab pick-upmanual$47,900
4x4 ST dual-cab pick-upautomatic$50,400
4x4 ST-X dual-cab pick-upmanual$53,250
4x4 ST-X dual-cab pick-upautomatic$55,750
4x4 N-Trek dual-cab pick-upmanual$53,250
4x4 N-Trek dual-cab pick-upautomatic$55,750