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New Nissan EV coming soon: All-electric crossover to join LEAF and Ariya as zero-emission push charges up

Nissan is set to launch another EV into the all-electric fray, announcing a new crossover that will join the LEAF and Ariya on the brand's zero-emissions fleet.

The announcement came as part of the brand's EV36Zero plan, which also includes the building of a new Tesla-style Gigafactory to sit alongside its Sunderland plant in the UK, and a broader push into new battery technology and emission reduction.

But first, the new car. Details are unsurprisingly thin on the ground for now. But we do know the £423 million ($781 million) project will be about as English as it's possible to get, with the vehicle to be built at Sunderland, with the batteries likely produced right next door, and with the project's R&D to be carried out in England, too, at Nissan's European Technical Centre in Bedfordshire.

We also know it will be built using the Nissan (and Renault) CMF EV platform, much like the Renault 5 Prototype revealed earlier today. Aside from that, though, details remain scarce, other than Nissan promising that we will see it relatively quickly.

"It will be the next step in our mission to make zero-emission motoring even more accessible," the brand says. "Our expertise in crossovers and electric vehicles mean this dream is close."

The vehicle also promises "next-generation vehicle styling, efficiency and battery technology, making the switch to electric driving even more accessible."

Which, in layman's terms, means the brand wants it to be affordable - not an attribute often associated with the current fleet of EVs.

It's also designed for global markets, including Australia. When, however, remains anyone's guess.