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New Lexus CT200h, IS, GS, LS, RC, LC and RX 2021 pricing detailed: Mercedes-Benz rival adjusts model costs

The RX large SUV now costs less to buy.

Lexus Australia has adjusted the pricing of the CT200h small hatchback, IS mid-size sedan, GS large sedan, LS upper-large sedan, RC and LC sports cars, and RX large SUV (see full pricing tables below), but not their standard specification.

The GS (-$364-612), RC F Track Edition (-$365), LC (-$364-612) and RX (-$364-612) now cost less thanks to the increased luxury car tax (LCT) thresholds introduced on July 1, the start of the 2020-2021 financial year.

Speaking to CarsGuide, a Lexus Australia spokesperson said the LCT threshold increases also helped to somewhat limit the price rises the IS300h Sports Luxury (+$1288), IS350 F Sport (+$1114), LS (+$3388-3841), RC300 (+$1315-1556) and RC350 (+$970-1315) copped.

Either way, these jumps were prompted by exchange-rate pressures, which also forced the changes made to the CT200h (+$850-1600) and the other IS (+$1160-1690) variants.

“Lexus has regrettably been forced to introduce price increases from July 1 on certain models imported from Japan,” the Lexus Australia spokesperson said. “These are modest increases when measured against movements in the AUD/JPY exchange rate.”

However, in good news for buyers of these models, orders received by June 30 won’t be subject to the rises, with those customer vehicles ‘price protected’, even if they’re delivered from July 1.

As reported, the UX small SUV and LX upper-large SUV also had their pricing recently adjusted for similar reasons, with the same true of the NX300 Sports Luxury ($73,607, -$364) and NX300h Sports Luxury ($76,814, -$386) mid-size SUVs.

2021 Lexus CT200h pricing before on-road costs

CT200h Luxuryautomatic$41,750 (+$850)
CT200h F Sportautomatic$51,500 (+$1100)
CT200h Sports Luxuryautomatic$58,500 (+$1600)

2021 Lexus IS pricing before on-road costs

IS300 Luxuryautomatic$60,500 (+$1160)
IS300 F Sportautomatic$68,275 (+$1568)
IS300 F Sport Black Lineautomatic$69,775 (+$1568)
IS300h Luxuryautomatic$63,500 (+$1610)
IS300h F Sportautomatic$72,000 (+$1690)
IS300h Sports Luxuryautomatic$82,388 (+$1288)
IS350 Luxuryautomatic$66,500 (+$1400)
IS350 F Sportautomatic$76,636 (+$1114)
IS350 F Sport Black Lineautomatic$75,136 (+$1114)

2021 Lexus GS pricing before on-road costs

GS300 Luxuryautomatic$74,838 (-$364)
GS300 F Sportautomatic$82,998 (-$364)
GS350 F Sportautomatic$94,218 (-$364)
GS350 Sports Luxuryautomatic$105,948 (-$364)
GS450h F Sportautomatic$107,468 (-$612)
GS450h Sports Luxuryautomatic$119,198 (-$612)
GS Fautomatic$155,217 (-$365)

2021 Lexus LS pricing before on-road costs

LS500 F Sportautomatic$194,136 (+$3741)
LS500 Sports Luxuryautomatic$199,636 (+$3841)
LS500 Inspiration Seriesautomatic$202,766 (+$3841)
LS500h F Sportautomatic$194,388 (+$3388)
LS500h Sports Luxuryautomatic$199,888 (+$3513)
LS500h Inspiration Seriesautomatic$203,018 (+$3513)

2021 Lexus RC pricing before on-road costs

RC300 Luxuryautomatic$67,890 (+$1556)
RC300 F Sportautomatic$75,636 (+$1315)
RC350 Luxuryautomatic$70,636 (+$970)
RC350 F Sportautomatic$78,636 (+$1315)
RC Fautomatic$136,636 (+$2715)
RC F Track Editionautomatic$165,117 (-$365)

2021 Lexus LC pricing before on-road costs

LC500automatic$194,393 (-$364)
LC500hautomatic$194,553 (-$612)

2021 Lexus RX pricing before on-road costs

RX300 Luxuryautomatic$71,556 (-$364)
RX300 F Sportautomatic$86,436 (-$364)
RX300 Sports Luxuryautomatic$92,336 (-$364)
RX350 Luxuryautomatic$81,526 (-$364)
RX350 F Sportautomatic$93,606 (-$364)
RX350 Sports Luxuryautomatic$99,506 (-$364)
RX450h Luxuryautomatic$90,478 (-$612)
RX450h F Sportautomatic$102,828 (-$612)
RX450h Sports Luxuryautomatic$108,728 (-$612)
RX350L Luxuryautomatic$84,636 (-$364)
RX350L Sports Luxuryautomatic$101,236 (-$364)
RX450hL Luxuryautomatic$93,858 (-$612)
RX450hL Sports Luxuryautomatic$110,458 (-$612)