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New fizz for 350Z

The Japanese carmaker has given its angry two-seater even more fizz with what is virtually a new engine, even if the only hint on the outside is a bulge in the bonnet and the new hue.

Nissan spokesman Karl Gehling says the power bulge is not for show. It’s needed to fit the bigger powerplant.

Capacity remains the same, but the 3.5-litre V6 is new from the bottom up, with 80 per cent of the engine’s major parts being re-designed. It’s taller, but weighs less than the old model.

While the increase in performance is modest on paper, power is up 9kW to 230kW and torque up 5Nm to 358Nm, Nissan spokesman Karl Gehling says it’s a substantial step forward.

“The numbers are better, but the big change is the engine is more refined, revs higher, and the power is far more usable,” Gehling says.

Unlike the power figure, pricing has not risen, the coupe still from $62,990 and the roadster from $73,990.