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Mitsubishi spills on next-gen Triton! All-new ute will deliver the "top level of performance" as dual-cab shapes as Australia's first hybrid workhorse

Mitsubishi hints at PHEV option for next-gen Triton

Mitsubishi has lifted the lid on its next-gen Triton, hinting at a plug-in hybrid powertrain for the Nissan Navara twin, with the Japanese workhorse on track to become Australia's first electrified dual cab.

Speaking at the unveiling of the next-gen Outlander, Mitsubishi's head of design, Seiji Watanabe, told media the incoming Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger rival would be a "surprise for the eyes".

While not expressly confirming the long-rumoured PHEV variant, Watanabe-san pointed to Mitsubishi's significant investment in PHEV R&D and the new Triton, saying "you can see the link".

"We show that the design personality that fits Mitsubishi is very strong...having the technology, based on the Mitsubishi technology and unique know-how from our R and D activity - and that image is very important - we put this attitude into the truck design as well," he said.

"(The new Triton) will be very powerful, clearly tougher than today, clearly more powerful than today, clearly sleeker and also deliver trust for your activities.

"You can see the link."

Mitsubishi is yet to reveal concrete details surrounding its incoming ute (though the brand has previously told CarsGuide that the new model will look markedly different to the Nissan offering), but today has promised the new model will outshine today's version in every measurable way.

"A truck is more desired, capability is important, the ladder frame construction is totally different, usage is very different," Watanabe-san said.

"The truck program doesn’t have to be elegant, it will be tougher, more rugged, more capable, more professional. You can see more after a coupe of years, but you can see with a very surprising eye.

"Mitsubishi design wants to go to the top level of performance, and robust and tough direction. What is toughness for a truck? What is performance on a truck?"

The all-new Triton will appear in the 2022 Japanese financial year, which begins April 1, 2022.