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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII close to F1 car

It's the brainchild of Queensland's Team Nemo driver and manager Chris Eaton who will debut the car at the World Time Attack Challenge at Sydney Motorsport Park on Friday, August 10.

"Other teams you'll see at World Time Attack started out with a road car and added different bits along the way," says Eaton. "From the beginning, our car has been a definite effort to integrate the aero with the suspension and driveline. Our goal has been to produce something with the best ability in every area.''

It started life as a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII but and two years of development by American aerodynamicist and data engineer Andrew Brilliant it emerges as a track animal with aerodynamics "not far off an F1 car''. Just look at the stats: At 200km/h the 950kg car makes 1.6 tonnes of downforce which means - theoretically - that you could drive it upside down on the roof of a tunnel without falling off.

The team uses special Hankook semi-slick tyres with enough load rating to cope with the downforce and a 600kW turbo engine that had to be programmed to automatically drop the boost in corners to stop the wheels spinning. "The car has more than 600kW at the wheels and would struggle to get that power down in the corners if we didn't moderate the boost,'' Eaton says.

"The autoboost also improves engine reliability." It is believed the car will lap Eastern Creek at 1m29s which is as fast as Craig Lowndes lapped his V8 Supercar on full slicks.