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Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer concept previews new Outlander

The Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept previews the next Outlander SUV with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain and new design.

Mitsubishi has revealed the Engelberg Tourer concept car at the Geneva Motor Show overnight, which appears to preview the next generation Outlander - due within a few years - with its exterior style, interior design and plug-in hybrid drivetrain technology. 

Named after a ski resort in Switzerland, the Engelberg Tourer uses a twin motor plug-in hybrid drivetrain and all-wheel drive system, similar to the current Outlander PHEV.  

The Engelberg Tourer concept uses bold and aggressive exterior styling that resembles the current Mitsubishi products. Using the brand’s latest grille design - taken from the latest Triton and ASX update - it’s obvious that the Engelberg Tourer’s front end would easily fit onto a production car without much change. 

The rear of Engelberg Tourer uses slim tailights that appear to widen the car, while it also features a large roof box that uses LED lighting mounted at the front. 

The Engelberg Concept's interior features a large central screen. The Engelberg Concept's interior features a large central screen.

Like the exterior, the interior of the Engelberg Tourer appears to be 90 per cent production ready. Its layout uses a wide dashboard with a large multimedia screen in the centre. The driver’s gauges are digital, and the centre console features an off-road control dial, EV mode button and separate climate control screen. 

Also like some versions of the current Outlander, the Engelberg Tourer concept features a seven-seat layout, which is unlike the current five-seat only Outlander PHEV.

Like the Outlander PHEV, the Engelberg can be charged and driven on purely-electric power, and once the batteries are depleted, a 2.4-litre petrol engine drives the car in tandem with the electric motors. 

The company claims that the Engelberg Tourer has an all-electric range of 70km - a 16km improvement on the current PHEV - and a total range of over 700km with a full fuel tank and a fully charged battery. 

The Engelberg Concept features slim LED tailights. The Engelberg Concept features slim LED tailights.

While the exterior and interior of the Engelberg Tourer concept previews a new era of Mitsubishi design, the platform that it sits on is reportedly the first new platform used by the company in the new alliance with Nissan and Renault. Considering that the current Outlander's platform dates back to the mid noughties, it's about time it scored a new mechanical base.

Would you like to see the Engelberg Tourer concept morph into the next generation Mitsubishi Outlander? Let us know in the comments below.