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Mercedes G-Wagon LAPV 6.X concept

The Mercedes 6.X Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle is a muscled-up version of the military off-roader G-Wagon.

It's a battle wagon which would be ideal for the day-to-day combat of city and suburban commuting, although the German prestige maker has much bigger plans.

If the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon currently being tested by the Australian Defence Force isn’t tough enough, perhaps they could bid for the concept shown here. Unveiled in Paris earlier this week, the 6.X version of Merc’s Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle is a muscled-up version of the military offroader G-Wagon, powered by a high-torque common-rail diesel that can push it along at up to 150km/h and help it cart payloads of up to 1300kg.

It gets a modular armour-plated body – including optional mine-deflecting floor , increased ground clearance and wading depth, variable-height suspension that can be changed on the run and offroading geometry  (50 degres approach/45 degree departure) that should negotiate the most challenging terrain.

There’s also a raft of high-tech battle kit, including a signal jamming system to ward off radio-controlled artillery and silence enemy comms networks. The current G-Wagons being tested by the ADF are intended to eventually replace the fleet of British Land Rover Defender models being used for cross country work.

Mercedes will supply the ADF with several different versions of the G-Wagon including a four-wheel drive wagon, a four-wheel drive cab-chassis, six-wheel drive single cab and six-wheel drive dual-cabs.