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Mercedes-Benz SLC Black Series

The SLC may also be expected to ditch the gullwing doors for a standard configuration.

The idea of a smaller, nimbler version of the gullwing SLS AMG coupe is attractive in many ways. It's even more attractive when wrapped in Black Series trim and given 430 kilowatts.

That's what the latest rumours say will happen with the Mercedes-Benz SLC when it arrives around the end of 2015. But instead of slotting in beneath the SLS, it will replace it, reports Auto Bild.

Aiming at the Porsche 911 on performance targets, the latest reports say the SLC should be about 68kg lighter than the SLS, while offering a range of models, including a base 356 kilowatt version, an S version good for 404 kilowatts, and the 430 kilowatt Black Series.

The source of all these kilowatts? Most likely AMG's 5.5-litre twin-turbo V-8 engine, particularly for the S and Black Series. It's not yet clear if a twin-turbo V-6 engine option could be offered. Mercedes-Benz has such an engine in the works for the 2015 E Class coupe and cabrio, so a future AMG version might make good sense.

The SLC may also be expected to ditch the gullwing doors for a standard configuration, though photographs of test mules so far have shown gullwing doors--perhaps an artifact of the SLS basis of the mules.

As for pricing, the 2016 Mercedes-Benz SLC is expected to cost about $100,000 to start in the U.S. (approximately $102,000AUD) , rising up to nearly the $200,000 (approximately $204,000AUD) mark for a loaded Black Series.