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Mercedes-Benz EQC to cost less than Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron

Mercedes-Benz EQC might be cheaper than you think.

International pricing for Mercedes-Benz' long-awaited entrant into the pure-EV space has been revealed, with the brand's EQC to be cheaper than both the Tesla Model X and Audi e-tron in its German home market.

The German price for the cheapest EQC has been confirmed at 71,281 Euro (which includes that country's 19 per cent VAT). That puts it below both the Tesla Model X (which starts at 85,300 Euro) and the Audi e-tron (which starts at 79,900 Euro). The Jaguar I-Pace will set you back 77,850 Euro.

It means that, in Germany at least, the EQC is the cheapest premium electric SUV to date. At least some of the motivation for that sharp pricing, though, is that the EQC's pre-tax price is 59,900 Euro, which means it sneaks under the 60,000 Euro threshold to qualify for a federal subsidy.

International pricing for the EQC is yet to be confirmed, but if the German model if followed elsewhere, it will surely give both Tesla and Audi pause for thought. For the record, the EQC's sticker equates to around $114k in Australian dollars, but thanks to differing taxation systems and transport costs, it's never as simple as a straight conversion.

According to Mercedes, the EQC will deliver a range of up to 471km from its 80 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Charging will take about 11 hours using a wallbox or public charging station (and longer if you simply use your mains), but the brand is promising that number will fall to around 40 minutes using a fast DC charger.

Its twin electric motors (one at each axle) produce a combined 300kW and 760Nm - enough to push the circa-2.5-tonne SUV to 100km/h in around 5.1secs.

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