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Mercedes beats Audi to the punch, becomes first brand to rollout new side-view mirror tech

The Mercedes-Benz Actros truck is the first production vehicle in Australia to feature cameras instead of side-view mirrors.

Mercedes-Benz is the first brand in Australia to introduce side-mirror cameras to a production vehicle, beating Audi, who is working on introducing the tech on its all-electric e-tron.

However, you won’t find the cutting-edge technology as an option for the top-tier S-Class or opulent GLS SUV just yet, the side-mirror cameras are available first on the Actros truck.

Dubbed MirrorCam in Mercedes parlance, high-definition cameras are used instead of the traditional mirrors and display the side-view of the vehicle onto 15-inch portrait-orientated screens mounted to the A-pillars.

Why option such cutting-edge technology? Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia says the lack of big, flat mirrors will improve aerodynamics and result in better fuel economy.

The removal of large side-mirrors also improves visibility for drivers at intersections and roundabouts, and in the event of an accident, Mercedes says “the cost to replace MirrorCam is no more than replacing a traditional side mirror”.

Pricing is yet to be revealed for the MirrorCam system, but the Actros also debuts Predictive Powertrain Control, which uses map data to anticipate upcoming terrain to help with gear selection.

Inside, the Actros also scores a digital instrument display and large multimedia screen to keep the cabin fresh.