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Mercedes-AMG about to embrace EV future as performance brand says: "electric is the future"

Mercedes-AMG is ready to embrace EV future.

Mercedes' performance division is ready to embrace an electric future, with AMG looking to emerging battery technology to provide the energy required to live up to its high-performance reputation.

The EQC remains one of the few Mercedes-Benz model lines that hasn't been handed to the mad scientists at AMG, but while that won't change, you can expect hi-po EVs to begin appearing in the near future.

It is understood AMG is producing its own performance EV product, seperate to Mercedes, to provide the performance potential the brand requires. That would point to an electrified standalone product, similar to the AMG GT, emerging.

In the interim, reports have also pointed to the next C63 arriving with a plug-in hybrid variant for the first time.

"Why wouldn't we do it?" Asks AMG project manager Thilo-Urs Raetzke. "The future is electric."

Then asked what AMG's all-electric future could look like, given the traditional method of fitting a bigger, more powerful and handcrafted engine is off the cards, Raetzke replied: "While it might normally mean more cylinders, there are things you can do with electric vehicles with bigger batteries. The technology there is moving very quickly."