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Mercedes-AMG A 35 2019 teased

The Mercedes-AMG A 35 has been teased ahead of its offical debut, with the cut-price hot hatch set for a Paris Motor Show unveiling.

What can we learn from the new pictures? Um... that is comes in yellow?

Happily, though, there is much we already know about the Golf R-rivalling AMG, which will surely be the cheapest performance Mercedes ever produced.

AMG boss Tobias Moers confirmed last year that a new A 35 variant was on its way, to sit beneath an updated A45 AMG. And international reports suggest a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine will produce around 225kW - about on-par with the 228kW (only 213kW in Australia) of the Volkswagen Golf R.

Moers has promised that, despite being the cheapest way into an AMG, the A 35 will receive the full-blown performance treatment.

“It’s still a part of AMG. I strictly believe in product, and they have to be aligned in our brand approach," Moers said at the time. “And this counts for an A 35 as well. It's very, very important, otherwise you're going to dilute the brand. Just putting a badge on the trunk would be easily done, and maybe it works quite well for a year or two, but then you're just going to dilute the brand and we’re never going to do that.

“So even for an A 35 there is a lot of effort. We run the whole chassis program as we do for a performance car, so everything is the same. “

The full details are yet to be revealed, but expect to see the Mercedes-AMG A35 unveiled in Paris ahead of a 2019 on-sale date.

Can the A 35 be considered a true AMG? Tell us in the comments below.