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Melbourne cyclist safety a police priority

Cyclist safety will be a priority for police in 2015.

Yarra police will focus on protecting cyclists and pedestrians in 2015 after "significant" injuries on Yarra's roads last year.

Figures from the Yarra Highway Patrol revealed there were 363 injuries from mishaps on the municipality's roads in 2014.

While police were unable to release exact figures, Highway Patrol's Sgt Shayne Bannard said a significant number of those involved cyclists, including many hurt in "dooring" incidents.

He said close to 50 pedestrians sustained injuries in road accidents. "We will be focusing on anyone affecting safety of our vulnerable road users," Sgt Bannard said.

Be safe, slow down, and to be considerate of other road users

"This will include targeting motorists speeding in our 40km/h speed zones around schools and shopping strips where many collisions occur," he said.

"I would ask everyone to be safe, slow down, and to be considerate of other road users." Sgt Bannard said drink-drivers would also be targeted by police as part of the ongoing Operation Caidy.

Thirty-nine drink-drivers have already been caught in the operation this summer. "Worryingly, of the offences detected recently, there were a large proportion of drivers being detected more than twice the limit, including a male involved in a collision in the last fortnight with a breath alcohol level of 0.340 - almost seven times the limit," Sgt Bannard said.

There were two fatalities for 2014 - a motorbike crash on the Monash Freeway and a car crash on Hoddle St.

Meanwhile, Operation Feather used licence plate recognition technology for three days on Hoddle St this month.

Sgt Travis Storti said the technology helped sheriffs recover $120,000 in unpaid fines and put another $400,000 on payment plans. Of nearly 10,000 drivers checked, 23 had unregistered vehicles, four drivers were unlicensed and one was caught drink-driving.