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Meet the Chinese Toyota Land Cruiser! Is this Hengtian L4600 a blatant rip off?

The Hengtian L4600 looks very familiar. Image credit:

Little known Chinese brands have occasionally been known to have, well, a loose relationship with international trademark and copyright law, but the Toyota LandCruiser-aping Hengtian L4600 might have just outdone them all. 

The vehicle has been touted since late 2018, but has just started arriving in Chinese dealerships ahead of a March or April on-sale date, and if you look closely you might just see some resemblance to one of Toyota's most-iconic vehicles. In fact, you'll see it if you don't look that closely. 

There are some differences, of course. The grille takes on vertical slats, for example, and the headlight clusters have some differences, but if you squint a little, they look eerily similar. 

Hengtian's version is fitted with a 4.6-litre V8 engine producing some 210kW, and while details are thin on the ground for now, we do know it can be fitted with a manual or automatic transmission, and can be had with five or seven seats

The L4700 measures 5089mm width, 2026mm in height and 1800mm in height, while the Toyota LandCruiser Sahara stretches some 4990mm in length, 1980mm in width and 1945mm in height.

The price? That would be about $42k, based on current conversion rates. In Australia, a 200 Series Land Cruiser will set you back a minimum $80k.

So essentially half the price of a proper LandCruiser. The question now is, would you?