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Mazda's secret 370kW RX-9 to launch in 2023? Long-awaited rotary sports car to be joint-developed with Toyota GR GT3 concept - reports

Mazda's RX-9 could finally take flight as part of a partnership with Toyota

The long-awaited Mazda RX-9 could finally be taking shape, with reports out of Japan that the lusted-for rotary model could be produced alongside the just-revealed Toyota GR GT3 Concept.

Toyota just stole the show at the Tokyo Auto Salon with thew stunning GR GT3 Concept, with the big-winged monster expected to become a race-inspired road car, not unlike the GR Yaris.

In fact, the brand even said it would "develop both GT3 and mass-production cars and further promote making ever-better motorsports-bred cars.”

All of which is Very Exciting News, but what will get performance fans' hearts beating even faster are reports out of Japan that the GT3 could also inspire the long-awaited Mazda RX-9 - the off again, on again rumours that have been kicking around since the brand unveiled its RX Vision concept.

According to Japanese site Best Car Web, the evidence is mounting that the project will be co-developed by the two auto players.

For one, the two cars look the same, right? And it's not your imagination – according to the site, the two vehicles measure the same 4590mm in length, and are only a handful of mm different in terms of width, height and wheelbase.

We also know that Toyota and Mazda are already working together on a sports sedan, and that Mazda in 2021 applied for patents covering new rotary hybrid engines, and the structure of a two-door coupe.

Adding fuel to the rotary fire was the brand's decision to trademark a new 'R’ logo in Japan - including a red triangle reminiscent of a rotary engine.

According to the reports, Mazda will at last launch the RX-9 in 2023 with hybrid-rotary power (though the brand is yet to confirm anything officially), and will target power outputs of around 370kW.

For now, though, you'll have to watch this space.