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Mazda teases Hazumi concept to seed next Mazda 2

The new Hazumi concept to be unveiled at Geneva motor show on March 6 will sport design cues that will feed into the next Mazda 2 -- itself set to start rolling out later this year after a production version debut at a future show.

The Japanese carmaker says the name Hazumi translates as 'bound or spring up' and expresses imagery of wild animals in leaping action, which the brand says is "particularly fitting for a small car designed to look as if it is literally bursting with energy".

Joining the city car concept on the Geneva show stand -- and possibly in the Hazumi itself -- will be a new diesel engine:  a 1.5-litre featuring the latest development of Mazda's fuel-efficient Skyactiv technology.

Mazda will also unveil a special commemorative exhibit saluting the 25-year history of the landmark MX-5 -- the car that revived the convertible and is still a benchmark for the segment today.

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